February 2019 and snowing

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Today is snowing and not stopping, have already been out to snap the snow scene, not much colour so I will be convert  into black and white.
The following was made in Affinity Design inspired  from my  doodles and drawings in a working/sketch book.

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New Year 2019

Happy New Year 

Just a few images, the photos were taken over the Christmas as I found a lovely lot of different variety of fungi all in the same set of chopped up trees.

To get the crow I feed them as there was three small  peanuts as I wanted to get their shapes for future lino cuts I plan to do.

I decided to paint on the round  and continued the theme


August and raining


Over the couple of months  I have been creating and experimenting with shapes using the good old pencil and paper  and carried this to paint small paintings  using acrylics from the thumbnails. Using the colours I want to use  and  decided to use the shapes from my thumbnails using  affinity designer, and  so I could get more practise using  the pen tool. Using the brushes in the program to add some texture and gradients.

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